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1,000 KM

The multi-colored patriotic line is my route.


From Tianjin Harbor to Huizu Xiang, Hebei, China.
I left at 8:30 am and arrived at 3:30 pm.

Today's Total Distance: 96 km
Trip Total Distance: 1,035 km

It was good to get going again. I had felt static after the short ride on Thursday, and taking Friday off. That one day off literally makes it feel like I hadn’t moved in four days.
This was one of those tough windy days. I wanted to give up and almost did. I probably went through half a dozen toll booths today, and each time I was waiting for one of the operators to tell me the toll road was off-limits to bicycles and I had to turn around. At which point I would demand that I have gone too far, and someone must drive me back; but it never happened. I almost got turned away from one toll booth, but when the previous 4 have let you pass, why tell me to turn around now.

So at exactly 44 km when the road junctioned with another, and I made a left onto the new road, the winds suddenly shifted in my favor. I drop the gears into a high gear and took off. About 10 km later, a guy in a truck offered me a ride and I strangely refused. Half an hour earlier and I would have gladly accepted.


Obviously these mean windy rides.


I really don’t know how to describe the scenery. What’s the opposite of awe-inspiring? It seems like the whole of Hebei Province is under construction, and today was simply barren land. If it had been 10 degrees hotter and you would have told me that we’re in the middle of a desert, I would have believed you. Absolutely no vegetation, I guess that’s why Beijing has been getting sandstorms over the past decade.

Obviously this trip is more about the personal challenge than the sightseeing.

Posted by Springroll2011 07:21

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hi my China traveller!! Congratulations on breaking 1000. That is awesome!
We're leaving in morning for Italy so probably wont be writing more.
Love you, and have a safe journey back to Shanghai.
Grandma & Mort

by grandma

Hey Dustin. Congrats on breaking 1000 km. A few weeks ago as I was explaining your trip to disbelieving friends and family back at home, I myself couldn't believe you were actually gonna do this trip. You're halfway there, so sood luck on the second part. Looking forward to the updates.

by Colin

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