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A Century and Beyond, The Great Wall

The multi-colored patriotic line is my route.


From Suizhong, Liaoning, to Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China
I left at 8:20 am and arrived at The Wall by 12:30 pm and my hotel by 6 pm.

Today's Total Distance: 118 km
Trip Total Distance: 689 km

Happy Easter!

Let me say that it’s good to be in my hotel and resting. I never intended to ride this much, nonetheless 118 kilometers. I didn’t think I’d get my century today. I thought I’d only ride 90 km tops.


Your's Truly


Those Chinese and their terrible English, and sophisticated French.


Leaving Liaoning Province and entering Hebei Province. Notice on the sign how far it says to Qinhuangdao… it’s actually much further.

First of all, never trust highway signs here. You pass one and it will say 29 km to your destination, then an hour later you pass another one that says 26 km to destination. Trust me, no one is that slow. I found a good website that lets me calculate the kilometers, and it’s been spot on, so I should always stick with what I know.
Second, your mind is your worst enemy out there when you think you’ve gone so far, or the city is just over the hill, and you’re not even close. Again, I should only trust with what a calculated ahead of time. I only intended to do 70 km today, but in my mind the main bigger city next to the smaller one I had planned to stop in was right next to each other. This is where I was wrong, and an exhausting 30 km more, including a wicked detour, left me sour. Anyways, it’s 30 km I won’t have to do the next day.


The line from the right is where I came from, and you can see how close I was before I had to turn around, make the detour, and basically make a full circle around the city which probably added an extra 10 km. I had no idea how close I was really was, I need to start mapping the cities before I go.

Speaking of the next day, I definitely taking tomorrow off. It’s been my typically pattern of 3 days of riding, then one day off. Plus, there are a couple different Great Wall sites to visit around this city.




This is what I had been looking forward to the whole day. I spent a good two hours in this area.





This is a very normal sitting position for Chinese people. Similar to squatting on the toilet. Anyways, in the back ground is The Great Wall entering the ocean. I will most likely go there tomorrow.


Posted by Springroll2011 04:34

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Wow!You are already in Qinhuangdao. Its a good city. Im sure there are lots of things you can see there. And u did 100km more today which is pretty good. It seems that ur riding trip is getting easier for u. Keep it. Shanghai is not far from you! ha!

by Summer Dai

Yeah that's what I'm talking about! How much better did that cold beer taste after 119km.....Good work. Tomorrow 120!

by Paul

LOL Good job, D! Very proud of you! Keep it up!

by Crystal Wang

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